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Ricoh Theta SC2 4K 360 Spherical Camera


Garansi Resmi 1 Tahun Ricoh Aneka Warna
Key Features
  • Easy-to-Use Enthusiast 4K 360 Camera
  • Internal Stitching, 4K Shake Correction
  • 360 4K30 Video & 5376 x 2688 360 Photos
  • Face Correction, Night Mode, 14GB Memory
  • High-Speed Wi-Fi Transfer + Bluetooth
  • Self-Timer Button
  • 14GB of Internal Memory

1x Ricoh THETA SC2 4K 360 Spherical Camera
1x Soft Case
1x Micro-USB Cable
1x Manual Book
1x Kartu Garansi Resmi 1 Tahun Ricoh Aneka Warna


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The Ricoh THETA SC2, in pink, is the enthusiast model of the THETA lineup, designed for casual use, for those selfie shooters who would rather capture everything in spherical 360° and in 4K. The THETA SC2 is simple to operate for beginners and everyone else, and it’s so compact it can be kept in your pocket at all times and pulled out in any situation to capture 360 photos and videos. Keeping the same form factor as the previous SC model, the THETA SC2 supports virtually all the same accessories as the predecessor model and can be used in the same ways, so it allows for a smooth transition for SC owners who want to upgrade and enjoy 4K capture capability and all the other new features.

4K Video
The THETA SC2 is capable of recording 360° 4K video thanks to its use of the same high-speed image sensors that the advanced THETA V model has. Additionally, a supporting image processing engine allows for real-time internal stitching of the 4K video. Moreover, shake correction helps stabilize the 4K image. Up to 3-minute clips of 4K video can be recorded at a time at real-time 30 fps to the internal 14GB of memory.
Face Mode
Faces are detected and centered in the image if they’re located in a high position in the image frame or are slanted in some way, the THETA SC2 corrects them and brings them to the center. Exposure compensation and noise reduction brighten faces so the skin looks brighter and better. Images are processed to smooth skin regardless of whether or not faces are successfully detected
Night View
This mode combines noise reduction with dynamic range correction and face detection in order to capture shots with low image noise, this feature is intended for use with a tripod. This preset independently controls automatic exposure (AE) and automatic white balance (AWB) for the front and rear lenses in scenes with extreme differences in contrast. Highlight priority automatic exposure in dark scenes captures the main subjects as best as possible, even when they are too brightly lit.
Underwater Mode
In underwater mode, the white balance settings are specifically designed for underwater shooting in depths of 16 to 33′, in order to compensate for how colors are captured underwater
Lens-by-Lens Exposure Mode
This mode controls two lenses individually to provide clear, bright footage of subjects in scenarios where there are significant variations in brightness levels, such as inside and outside vehicles or on a stage.
HDR Algorithm Changes
Improvements to the HDR algorithm highly minimized and even remove chromatic aberration and fringing, as well as unnatural effects normally caused by color saturation. Contrast is high in the highlights. Processing time is 9.5 seconds, a huge improvement over the 23-second time of the predecessor SC model. Three images are composited in the THETA SC2, whereas the predecessor SC model used four images; the result of the improvement is a narrower dynamic range in the highlights
High-Speed Image Data Transfer
The THETA SC2 can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth. Smartphones can now be used for shooting with just a Bluetooth connection, and when the camera has entered the sleep state, it can be powered on from the basic app. With a wireless LAN connection, all functions can be used, including live view display and image transfer on a smartphone, which can be used separately as appropriate to the shooting circumstances.
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