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Feiyutech Scorp Mini 2 with Combo Kit


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1x Feiyu Scorp Mini 2
1x Extension rod
1x Tripod
1x Magnetic fill light
1x Storage bag
1x USB-C Charging Cable
1x USB-C to Mini Camera Control Cable
1x USB-C to Multi Camera Control Cable
1x USB-C to TRS3.5 Camera Control Cable
1x USB-C to 2.5mm Camera Control Cable (DC2.5mm)
1x USB-C to TRS2.5 Camera Control Cable
1x USB-C to Micro Camera Control Cable
1x USB-C to USB-C Camera Control Cable
1x USB-C to Lightning Cable
1x Fixed screw for support rod
1x Camera fixed screw
1x Lens holder screw
1x GoPro adapter
1x Lens holder
1x Long thumb screw
1x Allen key
1x Focus motor support rod
1x Fixed plate
1x Slider
1x Quick release plate
1x Smartphone holder


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One Device,Multiple Functions,Solving The Inconvenience Of Managing Multiple Devices.
For photography enthusiasts,the array of available equipment often caters to distinct requirements and finding a gimbal that adequately suits a range of equipment can be challenging.For this reason,the Feiyu SCORP Mini 2 has undergone an upgrade so that it effortlessly accommodates four different types of devices:mirrorless cameras,mobile phones,copmat cameras,and action cameras.

Work with Smartphone, GoPro 12/11/10, Compact Camera and Mirrorless
• Built-in AI Tracking Module
• L-shaped Quick Release System
• 1.2kg Payload
• 852g Lightweight Design
• Rapid Vertical Installation
• 1.3″ OLED Touchscreen & Upgraded Joystick Control
• Cable & Bluetooth Control Supported
• Camera Compability (Bluetooth) : https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1759/9593/files/SCORP-Mini2_Camera_Compatibility_List_Bluetooth_Control_20240202.pdf?v=1713498174
• Camera Compability (Cable) : https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1759/9593/files/SCORP-Mini2_Camera_Compatibility_List_Cable_Control_20240202.pdf?v=1713498177
• Lens Compability : https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1759/9593/files/SCORP-Mini2_Lens_Compatibility_List_20240202.pdf?v=1713498180

Weight 1 kg

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