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Athabasca Square Filter Starter Pack ARK II Kit

Filter Specifications :
* Material : Schott Glass B270 from Germany
* Double Sided Coating
* Thickness : 2 mm
* High Translucent


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Athabasca Square Filter Starter Pack ARK II Kit

Athabasca Square Filter System 100 Starter Pack consist of:
1x Holder A3
1x HD CPL Filter
1x Adapter Ring A3 – 67mm
1x Adapter Ring A3 – 72mm
1x Adapter Ring A3 – 77mm
1x Adapter Ring A3 – 82mm
1x Square Filter GND8 (0.9) System 100
1x Square Filter ND64 (6 Stops) System 100

Holder and Adapter Ring are made of aviation Alloy. Hence can be used in any weather and it will neither shrink at cold weather or expand at hot weather.

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Weight 1.2 kg

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